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Toll Free Internet Access
Toll Free Broadband is a new service brought to you exclusively by MaGlobe, a Toll Free ISP. This service is not available through any other provider.

Toll Free Broadband is Toll Free dial up Internet access that provides you higher throughput speeds, which is not normally possible with conventional dial up.

MaGlobe Toll Free ISP uses its server-side technology to deliver higher throughput even when you are using conventional modems. You do not need to install any software to use 800 Toll Free Broadband Internet access. The service works with all operating systems including  (Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Palm, etc.)

NOTE: 800 Toll Free Broadband Internet access is available at the same price as regular Toll Free Internet access (Rate Category B).


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Toll Free Broadband Internet Access - Frequently asked questions
Do I need to install any hardware or software to use a Toll Free ISP?
No, there is no additional software or hardware required to dial in to a Toll Free ISP.

What is the coverage?
You can use this service from all US 48 contiguous states (excluding Alaska and Hawaii).

What does Toll Free Broadband Internet Access cost? Do I pay anything extra to use a Toll Free ISP?
It is priced at the same level as regular Toll Free Internet Access (Rate Category B).

Is Toll Free Broadband available for use by dialing a local number?
No, this service is available only for use with our Toll Free number (Rate Category B).

Is it difficult to use a Toll Free ISP?
No, Toll Free Internet access works just like any other dial-up Internet access.

How do I start using Toll Free Internet access service?
If you use the MaGlobe AutoDialer, please download and install the latest version. You will find the Toll Free Internet access numbers in the updated locations index.

If you dial manually, you will need to replace the old Toll Free Internet access number with the new Toll Free Broadband number. The username and password remain unchanged.

What are the Toll Free Broadband Internet access numbers?
Primary Number: 1-888-306-2685
Alternate Number: 1-877-212-2992
Alternate Number: 1-866-261-4011

How does Toll Free Broadband Internet access work?
Toll Free Broadband Internet access intelligently determines the fastest and most efficient way to deliver web content over your dial-up connection without diminishing quality. By reshaping, compressing and caching content, Toll Free Broadband Internet access enables you to surf the web 2 to 3 times faster.

Can I use Toll Free Broadband Internet access on non-Windows computers?
Yes, you can use our Toll Free Internet access on any operating system (Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Palm, etc.).

How much difference does Toll Free Broadband Internet access make?
You will see immediate performance gains the moment you dial up in to this service. The technology permits us to deliver throughputs which typically accelerate web page delivery as follows:
Content Type Typical Performance Gain
HTML Up to 20 times
GIF Up to 1.54 times
JPEG Up to 2.17 times
PNG Up to 1.54 times
XML Up to 2 times
JAVA Up to 20 times
Text Up to 20 times
Flash Up to 1.25 times
Benefits of 800 Toll Free Broadband Internet Access using a Toll Free ISP

Toll Free 800 Internet access number can be used from anywhere in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico, on any type of mobile device.

The scenarios may help you better appreciate the toll-free service, as you may relate to all or some of the user experiences.

Access from a rural location
Quite often you cannot access the Internet from rural locations as there may not be a local number or you may not be sure of the local area code.

Using a Toll Free ISP Internet access is your best option.

Access from a hotel
Hotels / Motels have a tendency to charge absurd amounts for local calls. This can get expensive when you need to connect to the Internet for a couple of minutes at regular intervals,  just to check emails.

Toll Free ISP provided Internet access which is charged by the minute can sometimes be a more economical option.

Using a PDA / Handheld device
Carrying a multitude of local dial numbers and manually changing them every time can be quite cumbersome.

Toll Free Internet access provided by a Toll Free ISP allows you to setup your device with just 1 number for US 48 states



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