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The reason you own a laptop is primarily to take benefit of its portability feature. A laptop is a great tool when you travel, as it is your main conduit to communication and access to the Internet.

MaGlobe works well with both Windows and Macintosh operating systems; and you can download the relevant AutoDialer from this site. The AutoDialer is a simple click and connect software, which assists you to dial into all locations, without having to remember any local phone numbers.

Using a Cyber Cafe
It is not possible to connect your laptop in a Cyber Cafe, which eliminates any chance of accessing the Internet when traveling. In other words, to access the Internet from a Cyber Cafe, you will have to wait in queue (in crowded environments) and restrict your access of email to public domains (Hotmail, etc.). This is counter-productive especially considering that you are carrying your laptop and have your own private domain email account.

Using MaGlobe, you just have to connect your laptop to a phone line (see Wireless for connecting to a Mobile phone) and dial in to our local number and connect at speeds up to 56 Kbps, from the comfort of your hotel room.

While traveling, you could always ask someone to forward your mails by fax to your hotel. However, this exposes you to complete loss of secrecy, as the mail can be read by all individuals who handle it. This practice is proven to be one of the most common security leaks and can be completely avoided.

Service from MaGlobe will allow you to receive your mail (with attachments), directly on your laptop and ensure total privacy is maintained.

Asking acquaintances for their local Internet access account
Individuals assume that it is OK to ask an acquaintance for Internet access to use for a few days. Depending on the situation, the person may or may not provide this assistance to you. Most likely the individual will be reluctant to part with the Username / Password, since you can then access their personal mail.

It is an undesirable situation to be in, especially if you put yourself in the other persons shoes.

With MaGlobe, you are independent and free to use the service from any place that has phone access.

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