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Personal Digital Assistants (PDA's) are fast becoming popular as personal devices to store information that is required at the click of a button. Most PDA's are capable via a wireless or wireline modem to connect to the Internet and can be used comfortable as a means of access for email.

Considering its compact size, it has turned out to be a good alternate for people who are averse to lugging around a laptop, but would still like computing functionality 'on-the-go'.

Connecting to the Internet using a PDA need not be a tricky exercise with the right tools installed. MaGlobe provides an AutoDialer, that can be downloaded to the PDA and used to access the Internet and consequently emails, at the click of a few buttons.

When at home you synchronize your PDA with your desktops and get access to mails. But, you still have to download the mails on to your desktop and then upload them to your PDA. Some devices like Palm VII have wireless Internet access and ability to check emails while on the go. However, this service comes with a monthly charge and has a very limited coverage. The annual expense may range from $180 to $1,200+, not including wireless service when in UK or Germany. Other PDAs also face same limitations.

The solution is dialup Internet access on your PDA, There are a variety of modems available, for different PDAs. The service can also be accessed using a Wireless (Mobile Phone) device with the use of connector cables. The solution depends on the PDA you own and also on the mobile phone being used. You also need an Internet account that works with your PDA and gives you maximum coverage. You should not get stranded when you travel because that is the time you would feel the maximum need for access.

The AutoDialer makes the job of connecting to the Internet easier and eliminates the need to carry the access numbers when traveling.

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